Ariana // 18 // NJ

wow i’ll actually be taking 18 credits this semester.  i’m really excited too because i’m going to get to take a voice class which is amazing.  i mean, it’s not chorus, but it’s something for the voice!  at least i won’t be going through singing withdrawal anymore. :)

Just submitted my Music Therapy audition application for Montclair!

Ugh it feels SO good to finally have the stress of completing that application off my shoulders.

Now comes the panic and worry of writing and performing an original song that will be good enough for the Music Therapy faculty.  My audition date is the 9th of February, so I don’t have much time.

I just hope I’ll be able to pull this off. 


Madrigals rehearsal at 5:30 then I leave early at 7:40 to get to the first practice of our swim season tonight.


I’m nervous to see who Ed’s going to pick for girls’ captain.

…..please let it be me and Maddie oh mY GOD.

Woahhhh, so I just got invited to go to The Gathering of the Vibes by one of my mom’s friends!!

It’s in 8 days…..oh my god it would be so awesome if I could go.

If by the chance that I can, work will be the only issue.

Next week’s schedule needs to come out already!!