Fight from the Inside

Ariana // 18 // NJ



I’m the girlfriend who will stay awake all night rubbing your back as you sleep, just so you sleep well.

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i’m really sad that i’m not living on campus this year, and i also really want to transfer schools, but i have no idea where.



Tell me… is a long-distance relationship supposed to work when the other person always just “doesn’t feel like talking?”

If there’s no communication for a couple who barely ever sees each other….then what left is there?


sometimes i really feel that i want things to end.


but on a better note, i got to see Deep Purple tonight for free!!  so that was awesome.  they played amazingly well, too!  i was very impressed!


ew ew ew stop ruining my name!!!!


Just witnessed my high school crush streak across the street tonight on a dare from Truth or Dare.

….my life is now complete.


i want to chop off all my hair.

like not pixie cut short, but shorter than i’ve ever had it before.  i want to have it a bit shorter than above my shoulders.  i want my curls to be bouncy and loose and to not be weighted down by all that weight of my long hair.

i’m probably too chicken to actually go through with it, but we’ll see.